MA:UX Graduate Show 2022

“It is precisely where the reach of the imagination meets the friction of materials, or where the forces of ambition rub up against the rough edges of the world, that human life is lived” Tim Ingold Making, 2013

MA User Experience Design students work at the interface of the imagination and the material implied by Ingold’s quote above. Their work ranges across the political and ethical commitments of technology, the nature of knowledge and learning and our embodied experience with time and sound and breath. Project work is undertaken in a spirit of open and collaborative inquiry, informed by research and with the aim of materialising experience.

We emphasise design approaches that reflect the entangled nature of human experience, and an embodied relation with and between systems and objects. We call for contextual depth, material perception, and collaborative generosity. We are committed to sensitising design to social need, and involving the people who will be affected by a design in its production.

MA User Experience Design

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