Ruoxi Song (Roxy)

Final Major Project

Ruoxi Song is an adept and creative multidisciplinary designer, she draws from a background deeply entrenched in creative expressions. Graduating from the University of Washington’s photo media and digital arts program equipped her with extensive technical knowledge and unique perspectives. Currently enrolled in the MA UX program at LCC, this diverse academic journey enriches her approach, fostering creative solutions that transcend traditional boundaries through digital and physical interactions. Dedicated to intertwining art and design, her work is driven by a commitment to delivering innovative solutions and offering diverse perspectives to interpret the world.Ruoxi Song is an interdisciplinary designer and artist that previously studied at University of Washington with a major of photo/media, and now she’s in her first year MA UX in LCC.

As a designer that has multiple cultural background, she wants to bring different perspectives and creative solutions to the design world.  With a focus on exploring relationships between her, society, objects and users, she hopes to use both physical and digital design to build connections, as well as provoking imagination and deeper considerations of everyday life


MA User Experience Design

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